Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Masterwork Project

Here's another assignment from my design fundamentals course. First, I chose a masterwork to work with. Then, I created a focal point diagram where I found the way that the eye travels around the piece. Next, was to create a grayscale representation where I used black, white, and grays in 20% intervals. Lastly, was a reduction; I had to recreate the piece using 2 values: black and white. It was a difficult project, but I think I was successful. Enjoy!

Original - First I picked Monet's Rock Arch West of Etretat (The Manneport)

Focal Point Diagram - In Illustrator, changed opacity to 50%, created lines and found the focal points (how your eyes flow with the painting)

Grayscale Interpretation - Recreated the work using Black, White, and the grays in b/w in 20% intervals.

Reduction - Had to recreate the work using only Black & White while reducing details. All while keeping the same mood and feeling of the Original.

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